Chet M. Pitts is the founder and President of MET PLUS 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization. His entrepreneurial spirit, problem-solving ability and love for helping people set him on the path to building the organization. The organization is operated by people who share and see the bigger picture of Mr. Pitts’ goals and vision.  Mr. Pitts has been an community advocate for many years that focused on empowering Metro Detroit residents because believes in developing solutions to address and fix the root of the problem rather than to patch it. His words are simply put "Patches are temporary and that's not our goal"  His reputation and perseverance have been quoted as exceptional and astonishing.  

     He based the organization mission on equipping the community members with the knowledge and discipline to sustain themselves thus guiding them in the right direction to acquire self fulfillment.   

    Mr. Pitts is a product of the Detroit Michigan Public School System and a graduate of  Thomas M. Cooley Highschool. He received his B. A degree, in Entrepreneurship from American Intercontinental University and also his MBA  in International Business from AIU with honors.