Three pair sweatpants



You will receive 20 items per carton.


  1. Quantity: The set includes three pairs of sweatpants, providing versatility and options for different workouts or casual wear.

  2. Material: The use of the term "fleece" suggests that the sweatpants are likely made from a fleece fabric. Fleece is known for its softness, warmth, and comfort, making it suitable for athletic activities.

  3. Jogger Style: The term "jogger" implies a particular style of sweatpants characterized by a tapered fit, often with elastic cuffs at the ankles. Joggers are designed for ease of movement and a modern, athletic look.

  4. Active Athletic Workout Design: The description indicates that these sweatpants are specifically designed for active and athletic use. This implies features such as moisture-wicking properties, flexibility, and breathability to enhance comfort during workouts.

  5. Zipper Pocket: The inclusion of a zipper pocket is a practical feature, allowing for secure storage of small items such as keys, cards, or a phone while exercising.

  6. Drawstring: The sweatpants come with a drawstring, providing an adjustable and secure fit for the wearer.

  7. Size Range: The available size range is from Small (S) to 3X-Large (3XL), ensuring a variety of sizes to accommodate different body types.


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