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  1. Quantity: The set includes 12 notebooks, making it a convenient bulk purchase. This is beneficial for students or individuals who go through notebooks regularly.

  2. 1-Subject: Each notebook is designed as a 1-subject notebook. This means it typically has a single subject or topic per notebook, making it suitable for organizing notes for different classes or purposes.

  3. College Ruled: The notebooks are college-ruled, indicating that the pages have horizontal lines with a narrow spacing. College-ruled notebooks are commonly used for more extensive note-taking and writing.

  4. Spiral Bound: The notebooks feature a spiral binding, allowing for easy flipping of pages and providing flexibility for writing. Spiral-bound notebooks are popular for their convenience and practicality.

  5. Pages: Each notebook contains 70 pages. The number of pages is a factor to consider based on individual note-taking needs and preferences.

  6. Pastel Colors: The notebooks come in pastel colors, adding a touch of aesthetics to the set. Pastel colors are often associated with a more calming and visually pleasing appearance.

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